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Graphic design


The Graphic Design program trains students to become effective visual communicators. The graphic design classes teach the essential creative, intellectual and technical skills needed to formulate innovative designs and make a powerful impact on the viewer. The goal is to help students develop a keen understanding of the visual culture we live in and an ability to contribute fresh, relevant ideas to the current design dialogue.

The Graphic Design curriculum encourages a global perspective and a flexible approach to creative problem solving within the realm of print, package and web-based design. Everything from posters to book covers to mobile application design is covered in this multifaceted program that prepares students to take advantage of diverse career possibilities.

The faculty is comprised of working professionals who bring current knowledge of industry standards directly to students within an intimate classroom environment. Personal, one-on-one attention helps MADE students achieve a greater depth of knowledge and reach higher standards of excellence in their personal work.

Upon graduation, students will have a professional portfolio of design samples showcasing their unique style of communication through text and imagery. To support their entry in the job market, MADE connects students to professional design agencies and organizations throughout the Graphic Design program via workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews and assistance in securing internship opportunities.

Graphic design
  • Program Length:
    16 months
  • Admissions:
    Resume, High School Diploma (or equivalent), Enrollment Agreement
  • Careers:
    Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Visual Communication Designer
  • Software:
    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver
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  • Graphic Design and Observational Drawing at M.A.D.E.


    Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is key to creating eye-catching visual content for design projects. Elevate your graphic design portfolio with illusionistic digital artwork and advanced image manipulation.

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    A strong foundation in Typography is the backbone of successful graphic designers. Learn the history and anatomy of letterforms and how to make effective decisions about designing with text.

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    Learn the strategies behind powerful design. Examine prime samples of advertising design then create original layouts that take control of the viewer’s experience through juxtaposition of text and imagery.

  • Design and Color at M.A.D.E


    Package design is a crucial component of product sales that companies rely on to grab the shopper’s attention. Learn to expand visual identity into the 3-dimensional realm in this exciting and challenging class.


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  • Graphic design 02 - miamiartsdesign
  • Graphic design 03 - miamiartsdesign


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Drawing


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Creative Process

    Creative Process

  • Computer Graphics

  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Visual Culture


  • Graphic design skills at M.A.D.E. : Marketing and Economics

    Marketing & Branding

Become a graphic designer


The graphic designer can work in an advertising agency, graphic design studio, or in-house within the media and communication department of a company. The designer will be responsible for all steps from creating the visual communication product to its concept and final production.

Graphic designers with an entrepreneurial spirit may decide to work independently as a contractor, working temporarily on several projects. They may also decide to work within an agency, in which they may need to collaborate with one or several creative directors and designers.

Depending on the student’s profile and ambitions, the graphic designer can specialize in a particular field (typography, visual image and identity, packaging), or a special line of work or a technology. Some graphic designers specialize in print or digital communication (advertising, catalogues or web marketing, banners, newsletters, animations, web interface).

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